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The Town Clerk is located in the Fabius Community Center. The Center is located off of Route 80 in the Village of Fabius. The Town Clerk hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 - 10:30am and Wednesday from 6-8pm.

The mailing and email address, as well as the phone number of the Town Clerk is: Assessment Board of Review Members: Chairman Open MEMBERS: Dean Wadsworth, Jeffrey Skinner

Assessor: Larry Fitts, 1-800-548-8842 Monday-Thursday 9AM - 1PM.
In person at the Pompey Town Hall from 1 PM - 4 PM on Mondays. 315-682-1169

Budget: Adopted 2015 town budget

Codes (Zoning) Enforcement Officer: Rick Penhall. He can be reached at: 315.682.1170.

Comprehensive Plan (2MB): Comprehensive Plan adopted 19 September 2005
Comprehensive Plan (21MB better clarity): Comprehensive Plan adopted 19 September 2005

Dog Control Officer is: Laura Holt - #696-6468 or via email

Electrical Inspectors: Tim Wilsey can be reached at 315-247-9162. Aaron and Jerry Bellows can be reached at 315-452-5304.

Forms: In the meantime here are links to some various forms you may find useful. You will need a pdf viewer to view and print these. Adobe has types for most operation systems.

Building Permit Application
Zoning and Building Permit Instructions

Electrical Permit
Metered Parking Waiver (Handicapped Parking)

Judges The Town Judges are Ms. Denise Johnson. Court is held the first four Thursdays of each month.
The Court's mailing address is:
    P.O. Box 64
    Fabius, NY 13063
    Phone and Fax number is: 683-9847
    Some sites that may be of interest in some justice proceedings are:

    The NYS Unified Court System which has information from the courts to e-Courts to representing yourself and a lot more.

    NYS Department of Motor Vehicles Save yourself a trip (not to mention the lines) to the DMV and check here first. Lots and lots of information about your license, vehicle and insurance.

Local Laws Below are some links to some local laws

Local Law #-1-1990: Limited Winter Parking
Local Law #-2-1990:Prohibiting Parking on Sidewalks
Local Law #1-2011: 9 month hydrofracking moratorum - (Rescinded)
Local Law #-2012: 12 month hydrofracking moratorum

Local Law #-1-2013 (DRAFT): 7 month hydrofracking moratorum

Planning Board Members: Joseph Schmid (chairman) #247-7671 MEMBERS: Dale Van Erden, Denis Ten Eyck, Scott Potter, James Herlihy, Jim Stephenson SECRETARY: Minnie Dancks

Rules of Decorum: Since we're all civilized we really shouldn't need these and they should come naturally, but to those of us who forget sometimes. Click here

Tax Collector Jennifer Gallagher 683-6001
7830 Main Street, Fabius NY 13063
The phone number is also Jennifer's fax number. Please call ahead.
Tax Collection hours in person are during January through March:
Tuesdays 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM at the Community Center 12PM - 2PM and at the Community Center from 2:30PM - 4PM

Note: The postmark is valid as the date due for the bill payment date.
Late payments will be charged the interest due amount stated on the bill and will be returned to the taxpayer if the bill is not received on time. The postmark must reflect the due date to be considered on time.

Trash Removal: Southern Onondaga Trash System (SOTS)

To set up a service or find out what might be assigned to an existing home contact Minnie Dancks @ 315-683-5679. Every new resident must call to supply new owner information for proper pick up and billing. Once a residence has trash service assigned, it is billed on the January Townand County tax bill.

There are 3 service levels: one 32 gallon container, three 32 gallon containers (96 gallons) and unlimited. Please contact Minnie (315-683-5679) for costs. Every level has unlimited recycling. It is a residential service which means kitchen, bedroom and bathroom trash. Wood, carpeting, construction debris, broken appliances and furniture etc. are NOT included.

Holidays that interrupt pick up are: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years. If any of these fall on a Monday or Tuesday, pick up in Fabius will be on Wednesday for that week.

Feher Rubbish is the contracted hauler for SOTS. Missed pick ups should be reported to them @ 315-422-0715.

Trash pickup changes with conditions, to make sure you are not missed, set trash and recycling out at the curb by 6am on the day of pick up.

Boxes should be broken down to 3' X 3' and placed beside recycle bin. If you have just moved in and have several, please put them out over a number of weeks.

You can contact Feher directly to get stickers that would allow you another 32 gallon container should you occasionally need to put out more than your chose number of containers.

To reduce your service level for the upcoming year, contact Minnie (683-5679) by August of this year. Once a service level is billed on the taxes, only upgrades can be made.

Zoning Board Members: Harvey Skeele (chairman) #683-5365 MEMBERS: Jeffrey Skinner, Eric Hanson, Robert Langan, Thomas Herlihy, Jr., Mike Gleason SECRETARY:

Zoning Links. These zoning regulations are current as of 1 Febrary 2009. In the event of a conflict between the zoning regulations on this website, and the ones maintained by the Town Clerk, the Town Clerk's shall prevail.

Table of Contents
Article 1, Short Title and General Purpose
Article 2, Definitions
Article 3, Use Districts
Article 4, Application and Districts
Article 5, District Regulations
Article 6, Supplementary Regulations
Article 7, Special Regulations
Article 8, Non-Conformance
Article 9, Board of Appeals
Article 10, Administration and Penalties
Article 11, Amendment Procedure
Articles 12 & 13, Planning Board, Interpretation, and Validity
Local Law Filings
Zoning Maps

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